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Cultivating Joy

Writing this article was so fun, and brought gratitude into my being at all the amazing experiences I've had as I've done the work to raise my vibration and feel good each day in my life. I'm excited to see what's to come as I continue down this path. Enjoy!


What would happen if you woke up each day and asked yourself “what do I need to do to feel good today?” What would actually happen if you did those things and felt good every single day?

It doesn’t surprise me that this concept is foreign to most. It certainly was for me. Most days I woke up and immediately focused on all of the stressful things I had going on in my life. As a result, I wasn’t a super happy person for the majority of my life. I never prioritized joy, nor did I realize that was even an option.

I’ve discovered that cultivating joy in one’s life not only feels good, but it aligns you with everything you want. This is where the magic of manifestation begins to take effect. Unfortunately, this is a big misconception about manifestation. Humans who are unhappy are trying to manifest something to come into their lives that would make them happy, but then getting frustrated when it doesn’t come, thereby losing faith in the process.

Unfortunately, manifestation does not work that way. You cannot manifest a high vibrational thing in your life when you are in a low vibrational state. When you raise your vibration and let go of resistance, the law of attraction begins to kick in, and the things you manifest will begin to come to you with ease.

How do you do this? Cultivate joy. Feeling good is a sign of a high vibrational state. But it’s not the ‘feeling good’ that comes with taking a drink or posting a photo that gets a lot of likes on Instagram. It’s feeling good for no apparent reason. It’s gratitude just to be alive. It’s appreciation of all of the blessings that we have. It’s compassion for people who have harmed you. It’s the Love you feel each day. It’s feeling good despite things not going your way. When you find this state of contentment in your life, amazing things begin to happen.

Here’s an example of this from just this weekend.

At the moment, I am sitting in a cafe in Lake Tahoe writing this article. I came here for a bachelor party that was rather rowdy. Not being one that drinks alcohol all that often, I was unsure if I would partake until I arrived tuned in to my inner guidance, and felt right to join in the activities. Despite being a bit out of my element, I let go of resistance, and I made the most of the experience. I had a blast!

I was supposed to leave on Sunday (yesterday) and as I was being driven away, I felt a bit of sadness that I did not get to experience the beautiful nature of this area the way I normally would have. I felt a desire to enjoy the area more. But, my ride was leaving, and I had a plane to catch, so there wasn’t much I could do about it.

In steps the universe.

An hour into the drive to the airport, I get a notice that my flight is canceled and I can’t get a direct flight home until the next evening. A younger me would have been frustrated at the inconvenience, but instead, I asked, “what experience am I going to get to have instead of my flight home today?”

It just so happened that a friend of mine had a meeting in Tahoe that day, with a house on the lake, an extra bed to sleep in, a car to come pick me up, and the time to do so.

So, I hopped out of my ride in the middle of the forest, scaled down a small cliff, and spent the next hour in absolute bliss as I sat alone in a beautiful river awaiting my ride. It was absolute perfection, exactly what I wanted, and it couldn’t have happened if my flight wasn’t canceled.

I spent the rest of the day in a lake house in good conversation with a friend, dinner on a dock over the lake, and enjoying the sunset over the mountains. I couldn’t ask for more.

This sort of experience happens to me all of the time these days! When I do the work to cultivate joy in my life, good things happen. When it seems like a bad thing happens, it usually turns out to just be making room for a better thing to happen. This is a result of getting into alignment and raising my vibration. This is where manifestation begins to work. I felt the desire to have some nature time in this area, and the universe gave it to me instantly and in a way I would never have expected. How amazing!

It is important to note, the joyous state of being is deeply internal. It is not a result of external circumstances. You can’t fake your way into it with alcohol or drugs or any other vices that provide temporary joy. This includes spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity. When you push down all of the unpleasant feelings in your life and fake a ‘good vibes only’ lifestyle, you won’t find these same results because you are denying a heaviness in you that needs to be addressed and released.

Cultivating joy has to be in congruence with processing negative emotions, grieving, shadow work, etc. The state of joy, gratitude, and a love for life is a result of digging into, feeling, and releasing the traumas of the past. In doing so, you release the heaviness of those emotions and your vibration lifts. As this occurs, you bring joy into your life however that works for you.

Gratitude, meditation, walking, nature, friends & family, fitness activities, yoga, etc. all do it for me. So I prioritize these things each day to make sure I am feeling good as I go about the other things that need to be done.

As your vibration lifts, you align with other high vibrational experiences and people. Crazy things start to happen, things get easier, you find more success with less effort, and you constantly feel amazed at how things work out.

This year, life took away the most important person in my life and shattered my 2022 plans of marriage and starting a family. I have every reason in the world to be bitter, angry, and depressed. Yet, I generally feel really, really good. Regularly people wonder how I’m doing so well despite what happened.

My answer is simple, I both grieve and cultivate joy very intentionally. Though simple, it takes discipline, and it is the most important thing I do each day. Getting into alignment, raising my vibration, letting go of resistance to what is, and finding a state of allowance has led me to beautiful and profound experiences over and over.

Sitting here at a cafe in Lake Tahoe, enjoying one more bonus day in this beautiful place, I am no longer surprised that things like this keep happening. It is law. All I do is wake up each day and ask, “what do I need to do to feel good today” and I do that thing. Everything else seems to work itself out in the best way possible.


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Ki Angerman
Ki Angerman
Aug 01, 2022

This is amazing! I have been working on a continual healing path and raising my vibration in a number of ways. Thank you for this inspiration, it resonates so much! 🌻🦋



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