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About Stephen

Why Am I Here

I've been through a lot. I lost my mother at 27 and my fiance at 34. Along the way, I managed the trials and tribulations of founding and growing multiple businesses and navigating them through pandemic. Through it all, I learned some things. Some profound things. Some life enhancing, spiritually uplifting things. Now, I don't know everything, and my understanding is constantly evolving, but my experiences through Love, Loss, and Expansion over the last decade can be a guiding light for those who are stuck, stressed, or depressed. I've been there, and I know, there is always a way onward and upward.

That's why I am here, to help and to heal. 

Steve Portrait.jpg

Stephen is the founder and owner of Riffs Yoga Studios, a yoga brand in San Diego California with locations in La Jolla and Ocean Beach, and HART Eyewear, a sustainable brand of eyewear focused on high-quality, Blue-Light, Prescription, and Sunglasses

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