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Onwards and Upwards

Writings on Love, Loss, and Expansion

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Lessons Learned Through Loss

In January 2014, I lost my mother. At the time, it was the worst experience of my life, the grief was unbearable. I felt like I was drowning and didn't know which way to swim. It took years of therapy, self-study, and spiritual development before I felt okay again.  


In February 2022, I lost my fiancee Karina. An even more intense experience because Karina was integral in every part of my life. Everything and everyone I knew reminded me of her. We had a life planned together, a wedding on the horizon, kids soon after. Gone.


Both experiences pushed me to my limits and forced me to choose if I wanted to fall apart or expand. I chose expansion. I stand here today a new man, stronger, more capable, less afraid, and more aligned than ever.


This blog is a record of my experiences, understandings, and practices that have guided my survival after facing my worst nightmare, twice.

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